Primitive Rap

Gängstgäng is Pascal Lopinat at the drums and visual artist Augustin Rebetez at the voice.
Dirty, noisy, punk, this energic duo from the swiss countryside oscillates between sad pagan prayers, solid humour and ultra-operational degenerated beats with incisive french texts or forgotten languages. 






Records : 

Primitive Rap and Shamanic Dirty Sabotage
(LP, 2021, Jelodanti Records, Burning Sound Records, Axe du Mal)
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Manuel de Non-Communication Violente 
(Mini Compact Disc, 2021, Label Rapace)
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Rap à Chien 
(Compact Disc, 2018, Axe du Mal)
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Grappa Guerrilla 
(Compact Disc, 2016)
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