Le Corps du triste - Chruch

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Le Corps du triste is the reunion of two long-time collaborators, Augustin Rebetez and Pascal Lopinat, with two musicians from elsewhere. Ida Friis has a sublime voice, which comes straight from the cold fjords of northern Norway. Pia Achternkamp composes sensitive melodies, full of soul and tenderness, sometimes with some Berlin electronic accents. Pascal Lopinat brings a broken rhythm and creates powerful sound drones. Discreetly, Augustin Rebetez mixes his wizard voice influenced by rap and post-hardcore with the crystal-clear voice of his Scandinavian friend.

Sensitive and contemporary album, demonic prayer, songs that seem to come from an archaic rural tradition, Le Corps du triste is soft and deep music with Jura and mystical accents. It is the music of the secret makers and witches of the local river.

LP Gatefold
Limited edition of 300 copies.  

Le Corps du triste, Chruch
LP Gatefold, 30 x 30 cm, 40 minutes
Jelodanti Records, 2019