Pop lo-fi

Chruch is an evolving group gathered around Pia Achternkamp (D) and Augustin Rebetez (CH). After a first sad and shamanic album released on Jelodanti Records in 2019, with Pascal Lopinat and Ida Friis, they are now evolving as a trio with latin star Lorena Stadelmann (CH/GT) and including some of their friends and families.
They were planning to produce 4 tapes, one for each season. And they did it. 

“The Mushroom show” is a collection of sweet autumn songs. “Mandarina” is a powerful digestive after a small snack in the afternoon. “Pic Nic” is a short break. and the coming “Bikini Session” is in the making but it’s gonna be hot. 

Records : 

(Tape, 2021, Label Rapace)
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The Mushroom Show
(Tape, 2021, Label Rapace)
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Le Corps du Triste 
(LP, 2019, Jelodanti Records)
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From the album Le Corps du triste :